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Market Data

Stock Markets
London Stock Exchange
IndexValue    Move %  Time    
FTSE 1007,389.468.78 0.12 Mon 16:15
FTSE 25019,871.3073.46 0.37 Mon 16:15
FTSE 3504,109.316.64 0.16 Mon 16:15
FTSE All Share4,058.056.27 0.15 Mon 16:30
New York
IndexValue    Move %  Time    
Dow Jones23,430.3072.09 0.31 Mon 20:45
Nasdaq6,790.717.92 0.12 Mon 21:00
Stock Market data is compiled by Adviser Portals Ltd every 60 minutes. Information is not realtime. Last updated: 21/11/2017 at 08:06 AM
Currency Markets
CurrencyGBP1Move  %    52Wk High52Wk Low
Euro1.130.00 0.26 1.201.08
Norwegian Kroner11.040.07 0.60 11.249.98
Swedish Kronor11.290.07 0.60 11.6910.26
Swiss Franc1.320.00 0.27 1.331.22
Asia Pacific
CurrencyGBP1Move  %    52Wk High52Wk Low
Australian Dollar1.760.01 0.40 1.761.59
Hong Kong Dollar10.360.03 0.27 10.639.34
New Zealand Dollar1.950.01 0.33 1.941.70
CurrencyGBP1Move  %    52Wk High52Wk Low
Canadian Dollar1.700.00 0.22 1.781.59
United States Dollar1.330.00 0.22 1.361.20
Currency Market data is compiled by Adviser Portals Ltd every 60 minutes. Information is not realtime. Last updated: 21/11/2017 at 08:06 AM

Personal Finance

LONDON (Reuters) - British finance minister Philip Hammond, under pressure to help weakened Prime Minister Theresa May in this week's budget, promised to speed up house building and said he had some room to help voters despite his squeeze on public finances.
LONDON (Reuters) - Have money, will invest. Coffers brimming from strongly growing economies and buoyant markets, the world's wealthy are providing fuel to history's longest ever equity bull run, lifting share markets to ever higher peaks.
LONDON (Reuters) - Centrica is to scrap a higher rate tariff for new customers as part of industry efforts to see off price caps threatened by the government and said it had no plans to follow rivals and spin off its retail energy business.
LONDON (Reuters) - British households felt more of a squeeze on their finances this month, a survey by data firm IHS Markit showed on Monday, and credit card firm Visa predicted spending over the Christmas holidays would fall in real terms for the first time since 2012.
LONDON (Reuters) - The number of new homes coming onto the market in England reached nearly 220,000 in 2016-17, just short of the pre-financial crisis peak, as the government faces pressure to solve a growing housing shortage.