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Market Data

Stock Markets
London Stock Exchange
IndexValue    Move %  Time    
FTSE 1007,285.74-15.55 -0.21 Tue 16:30
FTSE 25019,503.20-63.19 -0.32 Tue 16:30
FTSE 3504,048.48-9.40 -0.23 Tue 16:30
FTSE All Share3,997.47-9.41 -0.23 Tue 16:30
New York
IndexValue    Move %  Time    
Dow Jones22,316.4020.33 0.09 Tue 18:45
Nasdaq6,398.5227.93 0.44 Tue 18:45
Stock Market data is compiled by Adviser Portals Ltd every 60 minutes. Information is not realtime. Last updated: 26/09/2017 at 07:04 PM
Currency Markets
CurrencyGBP1Move  %    52Wk High52Wk Low
Euro1.140.00 0.23 1.201.08
Norwegian Kroner10.600.07 0.66 11.249.92
Swedish Kronor10.920.09 0.83 11.6910.26
Swiss Franc1.300.00 0.18 1.321.19
Asia Pacific
CurrencyGBP1Move  %    52Wk High52Wk Low
Australian Dollar1.700.01 0.35 1.761.59
Hong Kong Dollar10.51-0.02 -0.18 10.639.34
New Zealand Dollar1.870.01 0.59 1.891.68
CurrencyGBP1Move  %    52Wk High52Wk Low
Canadian Dollar1.66-0.01 -0.45 1.781.59
United States Dollar1.34-0.00 -0.16 1.361.20
Currency Market data is compiled by Adviser Portals Ltd every 60 minutes. Information is not realtime. Last updated: 26/09/2017 at 07:04 PM

Personal Finance

LONDON (Reuters) - British banks increased their lending to consumers in August at the slowest pace in at least five months, industry figures showed on Tuesday, a day after the Bank of England said banks had to bolster their defences against consumer loan losses.
LONDON (Reuters) - British banks have underestimated the risks from a surge in consumer borrowing and need to hold an extra 10 billion pounds of capital to guard against future dangers, the Bank of England said on Monday.
LONDON (Reuters) - Hopes for higher wage growth across Britain are receding, apart from in a few sectors of the labour market that suffer from acute skill shortages, according to a report published on Monday by recruitment company Hays .
BRIGHTON, England (Reuters) - Britain's opposition Labour Party set out plans on Monday to nationalise billions of pounds of privately-funded infrastructure contracts, cap credit card interest charges, and get extra cash from large corporations.
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's rock-bottom household savings problem, which has raised fears about unsustainable debt-fuelled spending, might not be quite so acute after all, according to the country's statistics office.