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Market Data

Stock Markets
London Stock Exchange
IndexValue    Move %  Time    
FTSE 1007,452.91-34.96 -0.47 Fri 16:30
FTSE 25019,751.20-12.70 -0.06 Fri 16:30
FTSE 3504,134.24-16.50 -0.40 Fri 16:30
FTSE All Share4,079.62-15.45 -0.38 Fri 16:30
New York
IndexValue    Move %  Time    
Dow Jones21,580.10-31.71 -0.15 Fri 20:45
Nasdaq6,387.75-2.25 -0.04 Fri 21:00
Stock Market data is compiled by Adviser Portals Ltd every 60 minutes. Information is not realtime. Last updated: 21/07/2017 at 11:47 PM
Currency Markets
CurrencyGBP1Move  %    52Wk High52Wk Low
Euro1.11-0.00 -0.09 1.201.10
Norwegian Kroner10.440.01 0.06 11.309.92
Swedish Kronor10.710.04 0.40 11.6910.67
Swiss Franc1.23-0.01 -0.42 1.311.19
Asia Pacific
CurrencyGBP1Move  %    52Wk High52Wk Low
Australian Dollar1.640.01 0.71 1.771.59
Hong Kong Dollar10.150.02 0.15 10.439.34
New Zealand Dollar1.74-0.01 -0.58 1.891.68
CurrencyGBP1Move  %    52Wk High52Wk Low
Canadian Dollar1.63-0.00 -0.26 1.781.59
United States Dollar1.300.00 0.17 1.341.20
Currency Market data is compiled by Adviser Portals Ltd every 60 minutes. Information is not realtime. Last updated: 21/07/2017 at 11:47 PM

Personal Finance

LONDON (Reuters) - Lloyds Banking Group said it on Friday it was close to making compensation offers to 30 of the 67 customers impacted by one of Britain's biggest banking frauds after criticism about the pace of redress.
LONDON (Reuters) - Asset managers did not plan properly or have clear procedures for valuing their property funds under stressed market conditions such as those in the aftermath of Britain's June 2016 vote to leave the European Union, the UK's markets watchdog said on Thursday.
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's largest energy supplier British Gas, owned by utility Centrica , has paid a total of 1.1 million pounds ($1.4 million) to customers in compensation for missed or delayed appointments, the country's energy regulator said on Thursday.
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's state pension age should rise to 68 earlier than previously planned, the government proposed on Wednesday, meaning people born between 1970 and 1978 will need to work an extra year before being able to retire.
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain will stop companies ranging from takeaway food apps to airlines from charging an extra fee to consumers who want to use credit cards and other payment services, the finance ministry said on Wednesday.